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US PS3 Christmas sales figures hit 1.2 million, PS2 sells more

by Steven Williamson on 7 January 2008, 09:35

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PS2 still selling well

Sony has released sales figures for North America and the PSP has expectedly come out on top, closely followed by the eight-year old Playstation 2, and finally, the Playstation 3, which celebrates its best sales period to date.

The PSP sold 1.4 million in the region, the Playstation 2 sold 1.3 million and the Playstation 3 sold 1.2 million units during the period between Nov. 23 to Dec. 31, bringing combined sales to a total of 3.9 million.

"The PlayStation brand ended the year in a very strong position and clearly indicates more positive momentum going into 2008," said Jack Tretton, president and chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

"The strong PS3 sales also further establish Blu-ray's dominant position as the high-definition medium of choice for games and movies," he said in a statement.

Nintendo and Microsoft has yet to issue their holiday sales figures, but Microsoft has recently pointed out that they've sold 17.7 million Xbox 360 consoles in the two years since its launch.

Source :: Associated Press

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Looks like sony had good news for the year end, but the figures still don't show the ps3 in a good light.

When you think of the region saturation of both the psp and ps2 (eight years?), and they still beat the ps3 into third place, it doesn't look so good.
The Ps3 sales are doing ok tbh, considering it's still early days for the console, 100,000 more ps2 sales than ps3 isnt too bad.
Thats still over 1 million ps3 consoles sold in just North America.
And with 3.9 million sales overall, sony have had a good xmas.
I wasn't meaning that sony/ps3 had a bad year end, just pointing out that the figures show that the ps3 was being solidly beaten into 3rd place by consoles that have been around alot longer than the ps3, and so, would have had greater market saturation, which should have equalled less appeal, not more.


I've just re-read both my posts, they sound as if I'm anti-sony and that isn't the case, when they do something right I applaud them (may even buy the product).