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Sony happy with Wii shortage, PS3 sales increase

by Steven Williamson on 14 December 2007, 11:47

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'The PS3 is infinitely more fun than Wii'

While Nintendo is suffering to cope with Wii demand this Christmas, a problem which analysts believe may cost the company up to $1.3bn, Sony CEO Howard Stinger is looking forward to a more relaxed holiday period following the recent turn of fortunes for the PS3. Reports suggest that sales of the console have increased by 285 per cent from October and in the US Sony are reported to have sold 1.5 million units in November.

Speaking to The Guardian, Stringer sounded delighted that Nintendo were struggling and believes that the PS3 is the more exciting console anyhow. "I'm happy the Wii seems to be running a bit short of hardware. The PlayStation 3 will come into its own because its [high-end games] are infinitely more fun, demanding and exciting. The question people quite rightly asked was if the PS3 was going to get through this early cycle. I feel much more confident about that now," he told the newspaper.

"I'm glad that the last few weeks have generated excitement about PlayStation 3. Everyone's stopped talking about it the way they were six months ago," he continued.

Business has also began to pick up in Japan and according to data from Enterbrain, the publisher of Famitsu, they've outsold the Wii in Japan for the month of November, with sales of 183,217; 24,000 more units than Nintendo's console.

There is still a long road facing Sony, but analysts believe they have turned a crucial corner in the battle of the next-gen consoles.

"Things do look a lot better than they did 12 months ago," said Hiroshi Kamide of KBC Securities."My feeling is that they will continue to have a better time of it, but there is still a mountain to climb."

Source :: The Guardian

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'The PS3 is infinitely more fun than Wii' says Stringer.

I think he means “infinitely more funny”. :P
Read more.

sales of the console have increased by 285 per cent from October and in the US Sony are reported to have sold 1.5 million units in November

Naughty dog's release of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for you ;)
OK so becuase of shortages they get through quater 1. What happens when there are no shortages in quater 2? MOre fun than a WII??? erm not sure about that one, more demanding (on the hardware?) maybe. More exciting possibly but the PS3 dosnt have many great games at the moment does it?