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Star Wars Forced Unleashed details emerge - PS3 & Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 13 February 2007, 09:31

Tags: Star Wars Force Unleashed, LucasArts Entertainment, PS2, PSP, DS, Wii, Action/Adventure

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This year is the 30th anninversary of the Star Wars saga and we've been expecting to hear something special from Lucas Arts to commemorate the milestone. The first Star Wars announcement of the year (we're sure it won't be the last) comes from the latest edition of Game Informer magazine.

The story fits in between Episode III and Episode IV and the game will be using "Digital Molecular Matter," an extremely detailed and realistic graphics engine developed by LucasArts in conjunction with ILM, Pixelux Entertainment and NaturalMotion specifically for the game; and a new A.I. system named "Euphoria".

Check out the video:view link here. Stormtroopers are looking fantastic!

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That looks great and all but the question on everyone's lips is:

Where's the Wii game where we can wield the Wii remote as a lightsaber! :)
Video looks great, although I think the translation may be a bit out :D

If your Vader's apprentice out to destroy the last few remaining Jedi - why attack stormtroopers? I would have thought the troopers would have been on your side.

Of course since the video is just a tech demo for the force powers that could explain that ^.

Also, I thought there were only two Sith at a time (Master and Apprentice)?