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BenQ gaming products to adopt the ZOWIE brand

by Mark Tyson on 14 December 2015, 10:01

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BenQ has announced that it will be represented by the ZOWIE brand in all its future gaming PC products. In corporate speak "BenQ will continue to show its commitment to gamers by providing eSports athletes with premium professional gaming products via the ZOWIE identity." The upcoming ZOWIE products will include future iterations of BenQ's popular gaming monitors.

I'm sure HEXUS readers will know about BenQ and its history but may not have heard of ZOWIE until now. ZOWIE GEAR was founded in 2008 and aimed to specialise in the production of "the best competitive gaming gear available". It produces competitive, eSports focused gaming gear including Mice, Mouse pads / Gaming surfaces, Keyboards, Headsets and other Accessories. BenQ recently invested into the company and it looks like it was a substantial investment - as ZOWIE has now become BenQ's gaming brand.

If you are interested in the ZOWIE product range, as it exists right now, you can head over to the dedicated subdomain of BenQ's website and have a look at a range of mice, mouse pads, accessories, and 'skatez' replacement mouse feet. There aren't any keyboards there as yet and the monitors link directs you straight to BenQ's gaming monitors.

At the same time as the above announcement ZOWIE refreshed its gaming mouse range to include lighter OMRON 20mil switches and a 16-step scroll wheel. Its mouse pad series got stitched edges and its cable management accessory was rejigged with the new colours and logo.

New ZOWIE products, as part of the BenQ group will start to become available later this month. Those interested are encouraged ot keep up to date with ZOWIE products via the dedicated Facebook page.

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Zoinks! Scoob
I'm sure HEXUS readers will know about BenQ and its history but may not have heard of ZOWIE until now.
You mean "Zonal Organization World Intelligence Espionage"? Yep, heard of it.

But if their gear is going to play this when you first turn it on then count me out.
Zee Only Way Is Essex?
Definitely heard of ZOWIE peripherals before!
Had all the Zowie FK's, All were brilliant with good build quality, Returned the FK1 as it was too large for my hand, Got a Zowie FK2 atm, Great mouse.