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GameStars 2004: Gizmondo

by Nick Haywood on 3 September 2004, 00:00

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Gizmondo graphics to be powered by nVidia

Gizmondo, the all in one mobile gaming solution, has let slip that they've done a deal with nVidia to use their new SC10 chip to power the graphics display.

For those of you who don't know, Gizmondo is a mobile gaming device with much, much more to offer as well. It boasts a 400mhz processor, runs Windows CE and supports SMS, MMS, multiplayer through either GPRS, Bluetooth or USB as well as MPEG4 video player back through Windows Media Player 9, MP3 capability and even packs in a high resolution JPEG camera.

Whilst I was looking over a unit and having a play (ie, trying to break it), one of the guys talking me through it let slip that they had signed a deal with nVidia the day before. nVidia will now power the Gizmondo's TFT display and provide the GPU oomph in the form of its SC10 chip. Gizmondo need a hefty chip for the 3D games they currently have in development, even more so if they want to make an impact on the market large enough to shift the 15 million units they say they're going to sell.

When pressed for more information, the Gizmondo geezers clammed up, saying only that they couldn't say anymore as the deal wasn't public, having only been signed on Wednesday.

With nVidia powering the Gizmondo, you can expect to see something pretty special when it hits the shops.

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