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Skyrim virtual reality demoed using omnidirectional treadmill

by Mark Tyson on 4 February 2014, 19:00

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Cyberith has released a new video showing off its latest creation, achieving more immersive virtual reality by combining its Virtualizer, an omnidirectional treadmill, with Oculus Rift, two Wii remotes and hit game Skyrim. As a side benefit the treadmill combined with addictive action gameplay is hoped to help nurture a "new generation of super-fit gamers."

Cyberith aims to alleviate the issue most players get when using Oculus Rift- being stuck in a chair, whilst enhancing features and addressing problems users may have found in its rival Virtuix's similar Omni treadmill which was released last year.

One of the main development goals was to create the ability to duck and jump, as Cyberith noted on its website: "The Virtualizer not only supports simple forward-faced movements like walking or running, but also walking backwards, crouching, jumping and even sitting." This is made possible thanks to the safety ring around the user's hips being adapted to allow vertical movements, this adjustment also allows the system to more easily fit users of different statures.

The Cyberith Virtualizer, unlike the Omni treadmill from Virtuix, does not require special footwear as users can just slide around the flat metal surface in their socks. The benefits of this includes the system being more accessible for players with different shoe sizes, it also offers less noise disturbance and of course fewer required accessories make it cheaper for additional players.

The Virtualizer is said to work in a "plug and play" manner, being relatively easy to set up and install and Cyberith has high hopes of its application beyond gaming. It can "go much further than just VR-gaming," assert the system designers. Cyberith has specific ideas of suitable applications for its treadmill system including the fields of architecture, tourism, psychological therapy, education and training.

Regarding pricing and release dates for the Virtualizer, the CEO and founder of Cyberith, Tuncay Cakmak, told Eurogamer that he is preparing for a crowdfunding campaign soon and noted that "we cannot tell an exact price no but we can tell that everybody who can afford a gaming PC, can afford the Virtualizer."

Here is a demo video showing the Cyberith Virtualizer system in action, utilised with the Oculus Rift headset and a pair of Wiimotes for an immersive game of Skyrim:

More videos of the Virtualizer paired with others games such as GTA 4 and Arma 3 can be found on its website.

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That is awesome!
no it's not really .. not that portable and it takes up loads of room .. and what happens if the surface gets dirty ? or even scratched .. to many things can go wrong ..
Yeah, but with an Occulus rift, we're most of the way to something resembling a holodeck, and the problem I have of not being comfortable when sat down for extended periods is alleviated.

It doesn't take up a huge amount more room than a desk and chair, and the top of the sheet is just a sheet of metal, so it'll be pretty durable.

All in all, this is going on my winning the lottery list.
so erm, how do you go prone on this thing?
What is with all the nostalgic 90s-esque tech going around right now? Helmet-based VR and treadmills? It's like someone got a bunch of old 90s tech-based game shows (Gamesmaster? Cyberzone?), spent a weekend watching them and drinking bud, then decided to recreate the whole lot. The future is here - 20 years later…!

Now, if you'll excuse, I'm off to play Sonic 2 on my Master System ;)