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Midway developing games for all next gen consoles

by Steven Williamson on 31 January 2006, 09:42

Tags: Midway Games

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Playing together in harmony

Using 'Unreal Kismet', the Unreal 3 graphics engine's visual scripting system, Midway are developing a first person shooter for all three next-gen consoles.

Graphically the game must differ on the three consoles, Joystiq reported:

"Middleware packages, especially ones like Unreal Engine 3 that have a large PC client base, are designed to be scalable. In other words, sure it will run on the Revolution, but don't expect it to have the eye candy turned up to 11. That being said, this is promising news for any hopes of seeing games ported to all three next-gen consoles. Developers who use software like Epic's engine will not only save themselves from reinventing the graphics wheel every game, but they'll also find it easier to scale their app across all three next-gen platforms, making us happy gamers."

Could this mean we are getting closer to a point where PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Revolution gamers battle out their differences in online multiplayer skirmishes?

Midway are currently recruiting for the game via the careers page on their wesbite. There is currently no indication as to the game's identity.

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