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Serious gaming chairs for serious comfort? The i-eX gaming chair

by Steven Williamson on 29 April 2010, 21:43

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Beanbagbazaar has dropped us a line this week to let us know about its new gaming chair, the i-EX gaming chair, which it claims offers "man-sized gaming comfort with mammoth proportions and edgy style."

The i-eX features ergonomic support, with a contoured bucket seat and side panels that it says provides excellent head and neck support. The i-EX also comes in one colour and two trimmings, namely black with lime green or silver piping.

There's no chair vibration or build-in sound system, so the i-eX seems a little expensive (RRP £99) for what you actually get. We've thrown out the challenge to Beanbagbazaar and have said that we're interested in reviewing its latest gaming chair to put it through a rigourous stress test. We like to game and we like to game hard.

The slogan for the i-eX reads: "‘All game, no pain’ does exactly what it says on the tin." Sounds perfect.

You can check it out on the i-eX gaming website.

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No cup holder?
How does it compares to this (http://gaming.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=8861&page=1) comfort wise?
£100? Seriously?

Sorry, I know these bean bags are comfy and trendy but £100 is having a laugh. :O_o1:
That doesn't look anything close to ergonomically comfortable. Your bum will go numb and you're cutting off blood supply through your thighs.
If you have kids you can justify buying an (EZbed/Readybed?) for them, they work quite well too if you don't mind more of a lying postion!