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New Saitek range of game pads from Mad Catz due for launch

by Steven Williamson on 27 November 2008, 09:05

Tags: Saitek, Mad Catz (NYSEAMEX:MCZ), Xbox 360, PS3

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Due to be launched under its Saitek brand, Mad Catz Interactive has confirmed that a new range of cross compatible game pads will be available shortly.

The range includes the PS1000 Dual Analog GamePad and PS2700 Rumble GamePad both of which offer compatibility with PS3, PS2 and PC platforms, as well as the P3200 RumblePad and Cyborg RumblePad which offer compatibility with Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

Reportedly, the PS1000 Dual Analog GamePad has been designed to high levels of engineering resulting in a noticeable improvement to in-game performance on all compatible platforms chosen by the gamer. Featuring a full compliment of Action Buttons, Triggers and Dual Analog Thumbsticks, the PS1000 features a unique ‘Precision Aim Button’ which slows down the response from the right Thumbstick, thus greatly simplifying aiming and allowing for precision aiming during frantic game play, ideal for FPS (First Person Shooter) titles.

When used on a PC with Games For Windows software, the PS1000 Dual Analog GamePad features a programmable feature, allowing gamers to map keyboard strokes to the Game Pad’s various Action Buttons.

The PS2700 Rumble GamePad for PS3, PS2 2 and PC, offers identical specifications as the PS1000 but comes equipped with additional features designed to offer yet more control and freedom. Powerful Rumble Feedback when used with compatible PC and PlayStation 2 software provides realistic, tactile immersion and the newly developed Cyborg Module transforms the controller, allowing gamers to customize their controls for their personal preference. Simply by unclipping and rotating the Cyborg Module, gamers can alternate the position of the Analog Thumbstick and D-Pad thus allowing the gamer to choose the position best matching his or her gaming style.

The P3200 RumblePad for Xbox 360 and PC features a full compliment of Action Buttons, Triggers and Dual Analog Thumbsticks and again features powerful Rumble Feedback to enhance compatible software. Like the PS1000, the P3200 RumblePad also offers users the chance to program the individual Action Buttons when used on a PC and playing Games For Windows software. In addition, the P3200 includes an LED Display Indicator, alerting users of player and Xbox Live notifications keeping gamers in control of every aspect of their gaming experience.

The Cyborg RumblePad for Xbox 360 and PC offers identical specifications to the P3200 RumblePad but also includes the Cyborg Module, allowing gamers to customize their controls to suit their desired gaming style.

The new range of Saitek GamePads is expected to ship before Christmas 2008.

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