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OCZ Behemoth... anti-bacterial thingummy stuff

by Nick Haywood on 5 June 2008, 15:00

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Smell the glove

Yes, I know, mouse mats are a personal thing and hearing about a new one is about as exciting as hearing about a new colour in the Dulux range… but they are pretty much essential and finding one you get on with is important.

In a bid to differentiate the Behemoth from the dozens and dozens of gaming mouse mats out there, OCZ have decided that gamers really want hygiene from their mouse mats. Yeah, it wasn’t high on my list of essentials either… but the Behemoth covers all the usual bases, it’s pretty large, comfortable, has a non-slip back is optimized for laser mice.

And underneath all that there’s an anti-bacterial layer to keep grubby gamers from spreading disease as well as charcoal embedded into the foam to absorb odours, keeping your mat fresh and whiff free… as OCZ’s Alex helps demonstrate…

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