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Gizmondo Distribution Deal

by Nick Haywood on 22 April 2005, 00:00

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Gizmondo Distribution deal

Gizmondo Distribution deal

Tiger Telematics, the guys behind the Gizmondo, have sorted out a distribution deal that should see two distributors shipping 100,000 units between them over the next 12 months.

According to a press release from Tiger, the deals with Just Distribution and Andromeda Entertainment leave Tiger still handling 75% of sales to key accounts.

Andrew Blumson, Director, Just Distribution, is quoted as saying:

"Gizmondo genuinely understand the critical importance of the independent retail channel. We're excited to be the selected partner to support them in this area of the market. The multiple price points of the hardware, especially the Smart Add-enabled version at £129, are being viewed with particular interest."

Robert Stein, CEO, Andromeda, says:

"Andromeda are fulfilling supply following great interest in Gizmondo from the mail order side of the market. The 89 games confirmed for this year means that the hardware will be well supported, and from our perspective the home shopping sector have really bought into Gizmondo."

They have? How? You couldn't buy one any other way than from the Gizmondo site or from their Regents Street store... and that's if you even KNEW of the existence of it!

To this end Tiger have teamed up with DVC Sales who are the largest independently owned contract sales organisation in the UK working with a number of established household brands across a number of different sectors, including, Vodafone, Electronic Arts, Sony, Ericsson, and JVC.

DVC are now working in partnership with Gizmondo, under the Gizmondo brand to help build awareness and raise the unit’s profile. As we reported a few weeks ago, this was an area that Gizmondo seemed to be lacking in, with public awareness much lower than would expected for a product of this type.

Gary Mac Manus, joint Managing Director of DVC Sales, says:

"Much of the Gizmondo marketing activity thus far has been focused on the introduction of the brand and communicating the six core functions of the device to audiences in and around major UK cities. Our initial role will be to continue that communication down to store level and build on the excitement already there, to generate consumer awareness, footfall in store, visibility, and sales for our retail partners."

This pretty much confirms with our report a few weeks ago telling you of the poor uptake of the Gizmondo due to pretty much non-existent marketing to the public, which you can read here. Hopefully this partnership, along with the distribution deals will see the Gizmondo become much more widely known and more easily available.

The Gizmondo is available in the UK now with a 19th May date set for a European launch and the US in the summer.

Visit for more details.

You can read the full press release here.