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Atari teases its return to gaming hardware

by Mark Tyson on 17 January 2017, 13:01

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Back in the previous century I was an eager early adopter of Atari hardware. I got the Atari STe when it came out, and kept purchasing devices with that iconic logo, buying into the Lynx handheld, Falcon computer, and Jaguar console. Now I am slightly excited to find out that Atari will return to the hardware scene, but that excitement is doused somewhat by learning that it will be returning with a wearable device…

According to a report by Just Push Start (via UberGizmo), Atari is teasing a new wrist-worn gaming device. In the teaser images you can clearly see a wrist tattooed with the Atari logo and bearing a logo for a 'GameBand'.

The picture above came in an Atari newsletter, headlined "Brand New Gaming Hardware from Atari". The communication continued, "We're getting ready to announce some new tech that will let you play classic Atari titles in a whole new way. Sign up for an inside peek before the official launch on February 1st!"

A previous GameBand product has been launched which might give us an idea of what to expect from Atari. The Minecraft GameBand contained a portable copy of the game and mod launchers which could be plugged into Mac, Windows or Linux computers to play. The wrist worn GameBand includes messages and animations that play on its small LED display.

In an Atari version we might expect a plug and play system (again likely for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers), which allows you to play your favourite Atari classics on any machine you have access to. So the tease appears to reveal that Atari is simply making more cash from its ancient gaming IPs rather than any cutting edge gaming hardware launch, sadly.

To be among the first to know what will be revealed by Atari, and GameBand, you can sign up with your email.

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Gaming wearable? What? O.o

Some kind of modern Nintendo game and watch but with a custom android OS maybe?

Or perhaps it will be a console/android box with a wearable peripheral hybrid? I am interested to see what they have planned but “I have a bad feeling about this”

- In my initial surprise I didn't realise that there was already a gameband out (lesson learned, read the article properly!) - yes sounds like an Atari classics plug and play device, to jump onto the bandwagon of recent releases like the mini NES.
Could be a watch that acts as controller or a watch where you can play old atari games.
Atari isn't the Atari of old, its just Infogrames who bought the name and then changed their name to Atari.

While something new would be great I fear it will be more of same, just flogging the same old IP.
That tree looks like the Terraria logo.
Curious what games they put on this - on the expectation it's another “game band” like the minecraft one, I may be interested. not that I would ever wear it, but I am a fan of being able to legally, legitimately play old games again without having to dig out my old consoles or find the tapes. Yes you can easily grab emulators and roms, but making it legal is a whole other question in most cases, particularly when companies are reviving their IPs making “abandonware” claims dubious to say the least. I really enjoyed replaying games on Rare Replay, and the mini nes brings back a lot of good memories.

Have signed up to see - curious what they release!