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Best of Tests - Nintendo DS

by Steven Williamson on 6 February 2008, 09:45

Tags: Best of Tests, DS, Puzzle

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Brain draining

Best of Test is an educational game, along the same lines as Brain Training, Mega Brain Boost and any other DS game that has the word ‘brain’ in the title, where the aim is to train your brain and increase your intelligence.

Best of Tests will evaluate your skills across five cateogories: Logic, observation, memory, speed of perception and analysis and will aim to improve your performance in each area and general IQ score.

Key features of Best of Tests include:

• An excellent way to maintain and improve your intelligence, while having fun
• All the classic challenges of IQ tests come to the Nintendo DS
• Several hundred different questions to challenge the player in a variety of skills and
areas • Varied rules, incrementally challenging gameplay and adaptive challenges mean plenty of replay value
• A humorous and enjoyable presentation of challenges and results

Though no release date has been confirmed, Best of Tests will firstly be released in North American, followed by a European release.

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