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Atari confirms arcade joystick for iPad

by Steven Williamson on 7 September 2011, 08:58

Tags: Atari (EPA:ATA)

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The appeal of the Atari Greatest Hits app for iOS is about to increase ten-fold as the developer reveals a brand new arcade stick that aims to deliver a retro experience to classic games like Missile Command, Yars Revenge and Asteroids.

In a recent update for the app, Atari hinted at the “Atari Arcade-Duo Powered" and has now confirmed that a four-button stick will be made available shortly. The arcade stick will connect to iPad via Bluetooth or a 30 pin connector.

Atari has yet to confirm a price or a release date for the Arcade-Duo Powered joystick.

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If the price is right and the product gets some decent reviews then I may buy this. Could be a very fun little novelty device.
Odd, they might expect more of a following amongst android users.