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Table Tennis - Xbox 360 - download demo today

Tags: Table Tennis, Rockstar Games (NASDAQ:TTWO), Xbox 360, Wii, Sports

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Sample the intense competition of Rockstar’s Table Tennis, available to download at 13.00 GMT Wednesday 26th July, from Xbox Live Marketplace. Wield your bat with Zen-like focus and mastery in either one- or two-player modes to witness all the authentic, addictive, high speed thrills of the real thing. Compete as pro players Mark or Liu Ping in a three-game match in China’s National Table Tennis Auditorium to experience the lifelike graphics and hyper-realistic physics featured in the full game. The pinnacle of next-gen gaming is just a click away.

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I have the full game and it's sublime! I have a brother in law who is itching to play it each time he comes round, the multiplayer is fab both offline and online.

I'm not sure what the demo includes, but I'd highly recommend giving it a whirl. If you like it, pick up the game too as it's dirt cheap in most places.
With a few clubcard vouchers I picked it up from Tesco for £13. :mrgreen: