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QPAD launches MK-90, a high-end mechanical keyboard with enhanced lighting

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LAS VEGAS, (CES January 8, 2015) - QPAD, the world-renowned eSport and gaming gear company, expands its range of high-quality mechanical keyboards with its new top-of-the-line QPAD MK-90 featuring advanced RGB LED lighting and industry-leading technology.

Like QPADs existing range of keyboards, the MK-90 is built with the same superior quality, durability, well-conceived design and layout as its current line-up of innovative keyboards.  But the MK-90 takes keyboard lighting a giant step forward. It features an exciting new RGB LED concept with a multitude of lighting options and a white plate built into a strengthened keyboard to enhance the clarity and impact of the lighting. 

The new RGB LED feature allows gamers to individualise their experience by choosing any colour in the spectrum and displaying them in a variety of modes. For example, you can choose breathing, trigger, explosion, rainbow wave across the board or random in any of 16.8 million colours! Using a top-of-the-line keyboard naturally brings out the best in you; imagine what happens when you add customised lighting!

MK-90's customised, programmable feature lets you individually light up different colours and modes across the entire keyboard, or parts of it. You can colour-coordinate your lights with your other equipment or simply enhance the atmosphere on your desk. More impressive is the ability to coordinate the lighting with the beat of your favourite song, lifting the spirit of the game to an even higher level!

"Our MK-90 sets new standards in the gaming world," says Christer "Mr Mouse" Körnbäck, founder of QPAD. "If you want to have a performance-enhancing keyboard that will light up your gaming experience and lift your game and your spirits to a whole new level, the QPAD MK-90 will do the job. You should get one now ;)"

Instant control

MK-90 has a built in "instant control" functionality allowing you to toggle between different colour modes, add a macro on the fly, and change repetition speed.  Simply press FN key + plus different key combinations and take control!

The speed of light

The MK-90 is not only QPAD's most exciting keyboard; it is also their strongest. With gaming grade mechanical switches, it is designed to last 60 million strokes. It is built on a steel plate, making it robust enough to withstand the most serious keyboard abuse.

This top-of-the line keyboard also features full N-Key rollover anti-ghosting technology. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, it means that, even if you hit all keys at the same time they will all register and you can carry on your game without missing any action.

Like MK-80 and MK-85, the MK-90 also features pass through audio and USB ports, enabling you to connect your mouse, headset, memory sticks or other options.

Other features include gold-plated connectors, removable wrist rest and media keys for easy control of playback, pause, skip track, etc.

Since MK-90 is designed to give you total gaming control while giving you the thrill of movement at the speed of light, the only limit to your gaming success are the human ones. No other eSport manufacturer has brought you as close as QPAD to the edge of gaming possibilities.

Mechanical switches

Because of its proven performance over time and world-wide popularity, red and brown mechanical switches are selected for the MK-90, depending on whether you want linear or tactile feedback.

Availability: March 2015

Recommended selling price: £149.99

About Us:

QPAD built its success on a grassroots commitment to the gaming community. Like you, we thrive in the madness of competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming. Our sponsorship of the Q Tour, events, communities, cups, tournaments, teams and LAN parties reflects this commitment. The knowledge we've gained has fed into our development of high quality products that deliver great performance and given many a winning edge.