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Genesis Thor 420 – Launch of the flagship keyboard

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Equipped with flat keys, the new model also boasts a great price, which won’t burn your budget down.

The Genesis Thor 420 RGB is a keyboard with flat, mechanical switches with 50 million click durability. The keys require low activation force (45 g) and provide sufficient feedback with a click. This is why the new Thor 420 is great not only for games, but also working with documents. The set is closed in an aluminum casing, equipped with RGB LED illumination with PRISMO effect and 22 work modes.

As a product intended mainly for gamers, the Genesis Thor 420 RGB also has full N-Key rollover function. This mechanism prevents the keys from blocking, when several of them, or even more than ten, are pressed at the same time. The manufacturer states that the presented model has not limits in this respect and you can press all its keys at once. Multimedia buttons as well as an option to block the Windows key are also a welcome addition.

Device settings can be changed to suit your individual needs with the use of an advanced app prepared by the manufacturer. The low-profile Genesis Thor 420 RGB mechanical keyboard will be available for purchase in a couple of days. Potential buyers should expect a price point of around €78.

Technical specification:

  • model: Thor 420 RGB
  • keyboard type: low-profile, mechanical
  • switch durability: 50 million clicks
  • force required for activation: 45 g
  • feedback: perceptible and audible click
  • number of keys: 104
  • number of multimedia keys: 12
  • size: 418 x 113 x 24 mm
  • communication: 1.65 m USB cable
  • supported operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Android

About Genesis           

Genesis as a brand was established in 2011. Since the brand's inception, we have been supplying accessories for players of all levels. Starting from mice and mousepads, through headphones of different types, gaming keyboards, console accessories, gaming chairs and even to unique accessories for fans of the brand Genesis itself. Genesis is also the official sponsor of Romagna, one of the leading teams in the Dota2, as well as CS:GO: XPC and Team Genesis.