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Introducing Everest Midnight Black

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After reaching the funding goal in just under 6 hours, Mountain sets a stretch goal to enable a black anodized aluminium variant

Freiburg, Germany -- (13.03.2020) Everest is a fully customizable, mechanical gaming keyboard that is a revolution in choice. Brought to you by Mountain, Everest can be pre-ordered here, from 95€ ($90 / £85 – depending on exchange rate). The Everest keyboard is available in Barebone, Core (TKL) and Max versions. The new stretch goal enables a variant of Everest in Midnight Black, a deep black anodized aluminum design, if the campaign reaches at least 100,000€ before it ends on April 2nd. If reached, the stretch goal will enable every backer to choose between Gunmetal Gray and Midnight Black. 

Many backers requested stretch goals and a large part of the community asked for an all-black version of Everest. Mountain’s focus on the user-centric approach doesn’t end with the product design. 

We appreciate all the support we have received so far and continue to listen to customer feedback,” says Tobias Brinkmann, Founder & CEO of Mountain. “With the incredible success of Everest on Kickstarter, it didn’t take long until we received the first inquiries of stretch goals and a Black version was in particular high demand. We are all about freedom of choice and delivering products that customers ask for, so we are pleased to be able to do so with the Midnight Black Edition!” 

Featuring black anodized aluminum rather than a cheap coating, Mountain doesn’t cut corners with product quality and stays true to its user-centric four pillar philosophy: Innovation, Performance, Aesthetics and Modularity.

Everest is being released in three versions: Everest Core Barebone, Everest Core and Everest Max, available on Kickstarter from 95€ ($90 / £85 – depending on exchange rate).  

Everest Core Barebone 

Everest Core Barebone contains the base keyboard without keycaps and switches along with a 2m USB Type-C cable, 5 additional Cherry MX switches, a Mountain keycap, a combo keycap & switch removal tool, 4 spacers for Everest’s feet, and a pack of Mountain logo stickers. 

Everest Core 

Everest Core contains the base keyboard along with a 2m USB Type-C cable, 5 additional Cherry MX switches, a Mountain keycap, a combo keycap & switch removal tool, 4 spacers for Everest’s feet, and a pack of Mountain logo stickers. 

Everest Max 

In addition to receiving everything in the Core version, the Max also includes the Media Dock with Display Dial, Numpad with 4 display keys, Palm Rest, a Mountain keycap, a combo keycap & switch removal tool, 8 spacers for Everest & add-on feet (instead of 4) and a 15cm USB Type-C to Type-C cable. 

Everest Features: 

  • Modularity: 
    • Removable Numpad with integrated display keys (Max version)  
    • Removable Media Dock with Display Dial (Max version) 
    • Hot-Swappable Mechanical Switches 
  • Cherry MX Switches 
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A hub 
  • USB Type-C removable Cable 
  • Magnetic Palm Rest (Max version) 
  • RGB illumination per key and 360-degree lightbar 
  • Full USB N-Key Rollover 
  • Base Camp™ Software Support

About Mountain

With user-centric design at heart, Mountain creates innovative, premium gaming peripherals that can be  customized  to suit your needs. "Reach Your Summit" is the mantra of  Mountain. We are dedicated to providing you with modularity and features that create an  unparalleled  personalized experience.  

Our vision is for gamers to have what they need to perform, through uncompromising innovation, pioneering design, supreme quality, and customizable style. The #1 goal is front-and-centre in everything we do: to design and launch the absolute best products in the market.  

Some of us are old school gamers, starting out with  Quake world  on PC and Samura i Shodown on the Neo Geo. Others battled through the World of Warcraft or climbed the ranks in Counter-Strike. We think that, like the ever-evolving PC hardware industry, competitive and recreational gaming is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.