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Embody VR and beyerdynamic Partner

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The high-end audio headset manufacturer beyerdynamic and the personalized spatial audio expert Embody join forces to deliver an unprecedented AI-driven audio advantage in gameplay. Elevate your game. Immerse for better aim. 

San Mateo, California. 27 February 2020 – Embody, the pioneer in artificial intelligence-driven immersive audio, and beyerdynamic, a renowned innovator in the design and manufacturing of high-quality audio products, today announced the first cloud-deployed solution to personalize your audio experience, to enable you to hear sounds the way you were meant to hear them. Embody together with beyerdynamic, has launched ImmerseTM, an AI-engine that customizes in-game audio for your unique ear shape to deliver an optimal gaming experience on beyerdynamic gaming headsets. 
Uniquely Tuned for Your beyerdynamic Headset
With ImmerseTM, the sound you hear is crafted for your ears and your beyerdynamic MMX 300 headset. Acoustic scientists at Embody worked closely with beyerdynamic engineers to create a headset response that combined with your personalized audio profile, results in a perceptually accurate reproduction of game audio, the way the game sound designer intended.
“Embody and beyerdynamic share the passion for creating stunning sound experiences” said Xavier Presser, Gaming Product Manager at beyerdynamic. “Our headphones make truly professional audio available for gamers, and ImmerseTM personalized spatial audio raises the bar for virtual surround simulations. ImmerseTM with beyerdynamic uncovers a new facet of the MMX 300 that will again change your way of gaming.” 
Customized to Your Ears
The shape and folds of your outer ear are unique and change the way you hear sounds around you. The challenge of giving a user spatial awareness using a headset has persisted for decades because every ear hears sounds differently. Unless a headset understands the anatomy of each person's ears, the ability to deliver truly immersive sound is limited. ImmerseTM is a personalized spatial audio solution that harnesses the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence to create a model of your ear shape from a single picture of your right ear—in less than 60 seconds. With this model, ImmerseTM transforms your favorite game’s surround sound outputs to conform to your unique ear shape – sound crafted for you, not for the masses.
Gain A Serious Advantage Over Your Opponents
The result of using a personalized spatial audio solution plus an optimal headphone response uniquely crafted for your favorite beyerdynamic headset significantly improves the alignment of visual and audio cues. You will hear the precise location of enemy footsteps and reload sounds and have the advantage of hearing your enemies before they hear you. Immersion, depth and spatial awareness are increased, making players more competitive and making game worlds even more believable.
"ImmerseTM personalized spatial audio is the perfect match with beyerdynamic's design emphasis on delivering precision audio,” said Kapil Jain, CEO at Embody. “With the power of MMX300 and ImmerseTM combined, gone is the hesitation to take a shot because you hear exactly where your enemies lie. Once you try ImmerseTM with beyerdynamic's MMX 300 headset you’ll never want to play a game without it."
Pricing and Availability 
The ImmerseTM software for beyerdynamic gaming headsets is available for PC gaming from beyerdynamic now for $14.99 for an annual subscription or $39.99 for a seven-year license. 
Unleash the power of your ears. Bring an advantage to your gameplay. Elevate your game. ImmerseTM for better aim. For more information, please visit the Embody beyerdynamic Immerse webpage, or connect with us @Embody.
About beyerdynamic 
beyerdynamic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the audio industry. Founded in Berlin in 1924, the company stands for numerous audio innovations and high-quality, hand-crafted products engineered and developed in Germany.
beyerdynamic provides tailored solutions for professional and private users. Today, the beyerdynamic portfolio includes some of the finest microphones, headphones, and conference systems in the audio industry.
About Embody
Embody is an audio lifestyle technology company. It was founded in Nov 2016 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California; with operations in North America, Japan and Europe. As passionate musicians, gamers, and sound designers, we are driven to perfect our craft by fusing acoustics and machine learning, to create sound experiences that your ears were made to hear. Sound crafted for you, not for the masses.