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Buddah Tek launches in the UK

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New York/London - 25th October, 2019: Buddah Tek CEO and music producer superstar, Venus Brown, presents the Rover 1, a personal gaming solution with accompanying luxury messenger bag that allows gamers to enjoy their console anywhere, anytime. The Rover 1 and the R1 Messenger Bag officially launch today as part of the Smartech activation in Selfridges, London, where visiting customers can try the Rover 1 for themselves as well as pre-order the personal gaming solution ahead of the November on-sale date.

The Rover 1 embodies the forefront of gaming, giving gamers the freedom to unchain their Xbox One or PS4 console from their home setup and take it wherever they go. Music producer and entrepreneur Venus Brown and his company Buddah Tek developed the station after seeing that music artists like Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg needed a way to enjoy their consoles while on tour. Powered by the console and with a built in 13.3” 1080p monitor and all the necessary features for portable gaming, the Rover 1 is a truly single-outlet one-stop solution for console gaming on-the-go. Just flip up the monitor, take out your controllers and you’re ready for a gaming adventure.

Powerful speakers, HDMI in and out ports, dual headphone jacks and even Bluetooth are included, ensuring that gaming on the move does not sacrifice all the power of a home set-up, but rather enhances it. With the Rover 1, you can experience luxury gaming wherever you see fit, unencumbered by multiple cables or the need for a TV.

Travel in style with the monogrammed R1 Messenger Bag, the sleek and fashionable companion to the Rover 1. Its exclusive design, engineering and high-quality finish are on par with European luxury fashion houses and boasts useful compartments and practical features.

Crafted from the finest vegan leather, the bag has a comfortable strap and a luggage trolley handle, ensuring a stress-free jet-setting experience. It is double stitched and waterproof to guarantee maximum durability and protection, wherever your journey takes you. Inside the bag, there are numerous compartments for controllers, cables and your console – it is designed to perfectly fit the Rover 1 but can also be purchased alone and hold your Xbox, PlayStation, laptop or whatever you might need for your time away from home or the office.

Both the Rover 1 and the R1 Messenger Bag are available to pre-order at Smartech’s concession in London’s Selfridges from 25th October or from the Buddah Tek store at

About Buddah Tek

Buddah Tek is the world's first Luxury Gaming Accessories company specializing in mobile solutions for gamers with discerning style. The New York-based company creates products with an emphasis on quality, design, and engineering on par with centuries-old European luxury houses.

The introduction of the ROVER 1 personal gaming station and the accompanying monogrammed R1 Messenger Bag provides a complete solution to enjoy Luxury Console Gaming on the Go. Buddah Tek’s mission is to become gaming’s global standard for Function, Fashion, and Freedom.