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Sharkoon launches SKILLER SGS4 Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition

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Pohlheim, 24 October 2019 - Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals, offering performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now introduces its new gaming chair, the SKILLER SGS4 Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition. The special edition chair supplements the product range which is already available in the design of the traditional sports club of Hesse in Germany. These products are: the Drakonia II gaming mouse, the SKILLER MECH SGK3 mechanical gaming keyboard and the mouse mats of the SGP1 series.    

SKILLER SGS4 Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition: Ergonomic Comfort with Distinctive Eagle-Design 

The SKILLER SGS4 Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition is the official gaming chair of the Eintracht Frankfurt eSports Academy. It is thus equipped with all the adjustment options which are necessary for intensive gaming at the level of eSports. Apart from the essential feature of height adjustment, the gaming chair has armrests which are adjustable in four directions, and, in addition, the backrest can be tilted and locked at an angle from 90° to 160°. For heated gaming situations, the chair is also equipped with a tilt mechanism which facilitates the natural movement of the user thanks to its a rocking motion. And, of course, there are the large 75 mm wheels with a lock function. These support the feeling of authenticity when using racing peripherals. The visual highlight is stitched Eagle logo on the backrest as well as the Eintracht Frankfurt lettering on the lumbar cushion. 

Already Available: Peripherals and Mouse Mats in Eintracht Style 

The following are already available with the Eintracht design: the Drakonia II Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition - with 15,000 DPI and RGB illumnation; a matching mouse mat, the SKILLER SGP1 Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition, available in sizes L, XL und XXL; and the mechanical keyboard, the SKILLER MECH SGK3 Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition, with adjustable RGB illumination and mechanical Kailh switches. 

Prices and Availability

The SKILLER SGS4 Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 399 euros. Also available are: the gaming mouse, Drakonia II Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition, for 47.90 euros; the gaming keyboard, SKILLER MECH SGK3 Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition, for 79.90 euros; and the SKILLER SGP1 Eintracht Frankfurt Sonderedition Mouse Mat in L for 14.99 euros, in XL for 17.99 euros, and in size XXL for 21.99 euros.

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