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Plugable Makes High Performance Accessible

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Redmond, Wash. – March 19, 2019 – Plugable, the leading developer of USB and Thunderbolt devices, launches the Plugable Performance Onyx Gaming Headset. With sound isolation capacity and a sturdy, sleek brushed aluminum design and  wide compatibility across consoles and PCs, the Onyx Gaming Headset is ideal for gamers looking for a capable and affordable headset for gaming and streaming. The Plugable Performance Onyx Gaming Headset is available now for $44.95 on Amazon. 

Comfort and Endurance for Long Gaming Sessions

The Plugable Performance Onyx Gaming Headset features a sturdy brushed aluminum frame with adjustable hinges and comfy memory foam padding on both the headband and the earcups. The adjustable hinges on the headset let gamers personalize the size of headband to optimize fit. A retractable microphone provides clear audio for multiplayer game play. 

Clear and Precise Stereo Sound

The Plugable Performance Onyx Gaming Headset delivers true stereo sound and ditches sound gimmicks, taking advantage of the built-in incredible sound design and accurate audio positioning of today’s hottest games. The Plugable headset's 53mm drivers reproduce the developer's original vision for the audio with accuracy and clarity. The clear sound profile allows gamers to accurately hear where their opponent is coming from. The Plugable Performance Onyx Gaming Headset immerse users in resonant stereo audio fed directly through a 3.5mm audio connection, making these headphones not only great for gaming, but for regular audio users as well. 

Noise Isolation for Immersive Gaming

The over-ear headset design creates a seal around the ear that reduces outside sounds for an immersive gaming experience. The seal avoids excess heat build-up, keeping users ears cool and comfortable during use.

Compatible for Gamers of All Types  

The Plugable Performance Onyx Gaming Headset comes with a universal 3.5mm TRRS connection for the microphone and headphone channels on gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo® Switch. The TTRS cable also allows direct plug in into gaming controllers such as the DualShock® 4 and Xbox® One controllers. Furthermore, the package includes a 6-foot TRRS to TRS cable for connecting to gaming PCs. The headset comes with an additional extension cable with in-line volume and microphone mute switch. Both the TRRS and TRS are made of durable braided cable, eliminating tangles and tears, even after extended use.

About Plugable

Plugable Technologies is one of the world’s best-known brands for USB and Thunderbolt devices. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Plugable focuses on better products, better information, and better support than can be found at any traditional electronics company. Plugable’s products are sold globally, primarily through Amazon’s FBA platform in the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and 22 other countries in Europe.

To learn more about Plugable, visit plugable.com.