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snakebyte® Announces Raft of New Gaming and PC Hardware

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Gaming Headsets, Hi-Spec Gaming Mice, All-New Controllers and Multiple Console Accessories All to Feature at Hugely Popular Trade and Consumer Show

San Diego, CA – June 14th, 2018 – snakebyte® group, leading innovators of consumer electronics hardware, announced today a whole host of new accessories and hardware being unveiled at the E3 Electronic Expo taking place from June 12th through June 14th, 2018.

Supporting all leading console formats as well as PC, snakebyte will have something for every gamer at this show, focusing on high-quality hardware, uniquely innovative design and great value for money.

Following last year’s announcement of a new pro gaming range of PC Hardware, snakebyte will be furthering the range via the Game:Mouse Ultra, a beautifully designed mouse built for the eSports community, featuring a removable weight system, programable action buttons and superbly robust design.

For those looking to engage in online ‘Battle Royale’ gaming, the new gaming headset range from snakebyte will have you covered during the most intense of online matches. Four new products are being shown at E3 including the Head:Set 4Head:Set XHead:Set 4 Pro and Head:Set X Pro featuring high-quality 40mm and 50mm Neodymium drivers, unheard of audio fidelity at the price point being targeted by snakebyte.

PlayStation®4 owners can look forward to a multitude of new gaming controllers including the Glow:Pad 4 which arrives in wired or wireless form and features subtle backlit RGB lighting. The Game:Pad 4 S Pro cuts the cord and is one of the few third party PS4controllers to be totally wireless, available with an all-new fresh design and in colors such as ‘Bubblegum Camo’ to help trick out your gaming rig!

Controller storage and transportation is another area where snakebyte will be focusing on at E3. The Tough:Case allows for easy and safe storage of your official controllers, while the Charge:Case goes one step further, not only storing and protecting your official controller but also adding a full charge while on the go!

Nick Repenning, CEO for snakebyte USA commented, “E3 is an incredibly important event in the global gaming calendar, unveiling the roadmap for the year ahead and engaging with players and media alike. Snakebyte continue to support all platforms, offering something new for every gamer, and this year we’re pleased to deliver with a range clearly demonstrating our continued drive to quality and innovation.”

For more information, visit snakebyte and follow snakebyte on Facebook, and Twitter.

About Snakebyte

Established in Germany 1997, the snakebyte group is a leading global provider of consumer electronics. The Company has offices in Germany, Shenzhen, the US and Hong Kong and develops and distributes a wide selection of products specializing in connected media devices, gaming, simulation, drones & RC products. In addition, the Company provides its services in the OEM/ODM sector, working with partners to realise their goals and stay ahead of the competition. The snakebyte group have high levels of expertise in hardware engineering and software development, experts at creating an ecosystem in which technology and media can co-exist and provide state-of-the-art experiences for the consumer.