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Ignition Entertainment and Yuke’s Co. Ltd. Sign Deal To Bring NEVES to Europe

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Press release

Ignition Entertainment, a worldwide developer and publisher of interactive software, announced today an agreement with Yuke’s Co. Ltd., to bring the popular puzzle game, NEVES for the Nintendo DS to Europe in early 2008. The deal marks the first time that Ignition Entertainment, and Yuke’s, best known for its popular D1 Grand Prix, have worked together.

“The feedback we have already received pertaining to NEVES has been fantastic and we are

pleased to be working with Yuke’s. NEVES is one of those puzzle games that once you start to play it is difficult to put down,” said Ajay Chadha, President of Ignition Entertainment’s US Operations. “So few new games within the genre hit the mark, but NEVES is the perfect choice for any puzzle fan and will capture the imagination and quickly become a favourite.”

Yukinori Taniguchi, President & CEO, Yuke’s Co., Ltd “We are delighted to be working with Ignition Entertainment, who has a great deal of experience and success with the puzzle game category. Yuke’s and Ignition Entertainment believe we have an exceptional game in NEVES and looking forward to presenting the gaming community with this very special title!

NEVES for the Nintendo DS is based upon the Tangram puzzle which is said to have originated as far back as the Song Dynasty (960-1279AD). NEVES offers originality, challenge and fun and like many great games its simplistic approach offers a contest that ‘puzzlers’ and casual gamers alike will find hard to put down once they have picked it up.

In NEVES the player is presented with 7 shapes that must be fit together to form a pre-determined shape. All 7 pieces, also know as ‘Tans’, must be used, without any overlap. These shapes can range from simple items, like an athlete, to the more challenging. Understanding what the task presented is may be easy; mastering it is a challenge.

Making full use of the Nintendo DS touch screen, NEVES’ control method is easy to pick up and simple to use, as the shapes can be flipped, rotated and placed into the correct position with a simple movement of the stylus.

Over 500 devious and highly creative puzzles are presented; some of which could take minutes to complete, whilst tackling others will depend on the players approach, dexterity and skill. As each puzzle concludes players will be eager for the next challenge!

Distributed by Atari in UK, and the Nordic countries, NEVES for the Nintendo DS is scheduled for release in Q1 ‘08.