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Batman: Arkham City - how to beat the bosses

by Steven Williamson on 27 October 2011, 15:37

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Five bosses, five strategies

Is there any video-game experience more satisfying than taking on the big bosses and beating the living daylights out of them? Working out a strategy to dodge their blows while studying every movement is key in taking them down. And when you do, with arms aloft and broadening smile, everything is right with the world.

In Batman: Arkham City there are some epic battles against a variety of nasty villains all intent on breaking every bone in your body. If you'd rather tackle these enemies alone - with absolutely no help whatsoever - then turn away now as there are some big spoilers in this guide. If you need a helping hand, however, then look further. We'll tell you everything you need to know to defeat the bad guys, quickly and safely.

1. Solomon Grundy

The zombie supervillain Solomon Grundy is a huge, towering beast with rippling muscles and a ball-and-chain that he swings around to try and catch you off guard.

When The Penguin activates Grundy he runs electric shocks through his muscles to make him more powerful. As soon as the battle commences, make note of the three energy-channel devices planted in the ground around the arena.

You need to deactivate these devices by dropping Bat-mines on them. Run around the arena avoiding Grundy's ball-and-chain by jumping over it. The only skill you need here is perfect timing.

During the battle, Grundy may leap toward you. You'll see him preparing to attack by crouching on the floor. He pulls off this move with great alacrity, so as soon as you see him readying the attack, dive out of the way either to the left or right.

Run across an energy device and drop a mine. You should only do this when you see smoke rising from the ground. Don't attempt to do this while electricity is flowing between the device and Grundy.

Once you've dropped the mine, detonate it. On the PS3 version you use 'LT' and 'X.' Now detonate the other two devices using the same method, making sure you don't run through the electricity which Grundy users to power himself up.

Once you've blown up all three devices, Grundy will curl up in ball giving you the chance to get up close and deliver some blows. Head on over and attack him.

Grundy will now become stronger and he'll slam down his fiery ball-and-chain at you with a great deal of power. Rather than dodge by rolling out of the way, you're better off sliding to the left or right (in the same way that you've been sliding under doorways) because you can gain more ground quickly.

Once again drop mines on the three generators to blow them up and then batter him when he's crouched. Once he's defeated, you'll need to kill The Penguin. Just get in close and slap him with tasty combos.