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Batman: Arkham City - how to beat the bosses

by Steven Williamson on 27 October 2011, 15:37

Tags: Warner Bros. (NYSE:TWX)

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Ra’s al Ghul and his Sandmen

Ra's al Ghul

The international terrorist and seasoned assassin Ra's al Ghul is a tricky customer, and this surreal sequence of events can be disorientating if you don't stay focused.

In this boss battle, you don't just face Ra's al Ghul but also his Sandmen clones. As the first clone comes toward you pull away with your left analogue stick and hold counter ('Y' on PS3) to perform a blade dodge.

This is a good tactic to use for the rest of the fight. Half-a-dozen Sandmen clones will now appear. You can avoid their attacks with the blade dodge, but you should also rack together combos to take them all down as quickly as possible.

While you're trying to destroy the sandmen, Ra's al Ghul will occasionally leap at you. Be prepared to perform the blade dodge otherwise he'll take a good chunk of your health.

Once you've taken out the first wave of Sandmen, Ra's al Ghul will appear in the centre of the arena and will grow in size. He'll also create a barrier of Sandmen all around him.

There's a small gap in the circular barrier that allows you to hit him from a distance. Moving left and right to avoid the star-shaped weapons he throws at you, shoot a quick-fire electrical charge ('LT and 'B' on PS3) through the gaps to cause him some grief.

Watch out as he sends four swords hurtling toward you. You can simply dodge-roll left or right to avoid them. Ra's al Ghul's health bar is shown in the top-right-hand corner of the screen. Keep firing at him until you've depleted his health.

He's not dead yet. As soon as you've completed this sequence, Ra's al Ghul will leap through the air at you so get ready to pull off a counter move. After a short cut-scene, you'll be thrown back into the arena to face another wave of those pesky Sandmen.

Lash combos together and counter their moves with dodge blade until they'll all dead. As before, Ra's al Ghul will leap at you so get ready to counter.

The final wave sees Ra's al Ghul once again appear in the middle of the arena, surrounded by his Sandmen bodyguards. In addition to the swords that cut through the sand, he now wields his own huge sword that he'll smack into the ground. Dodge-roll out of the way of these attacks.

This sequence will be broken-up when Ra's al Ghul leaps in the air. Rather than countering his attack just once, you need to hammer your counter button ('Y' on PS3) to fend off his furious assault.

To finish the job, you need to use the reverse Batarang technique. Use the D-pad to select it and then lock-on to Ra's al Ghul (RB on PS3.) Release the Batarang and Ra's al Ghul will drop to the floor. Phew!