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Homefront - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 24 January 2011, 11:01


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Multiplayer is really where Homefront will live or die, but we've got high hopes based on some of the footage and screenshots that we've already seen. The action will have a similar set up to Frontlines: Fuel Of War, concentrating on large-scale vehicle based combat. Multiplayer will also feature a battle points system allowing you purchase more weapons, gear and vehicles based on how many kills you get or objectives you achieve.

However, wiith a March release - the same month that Crysis 2 launches - Kaos Studios is going to have to pull out all the stops to make sure Homefront doesn't pass by the FPS crowd unnoticed.

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Yeap-… it deliver a cinematic experience with plenty of blockbuster moments
Is anyone here likely to get this or has pre-ordered? I think it could have potential, despite the ott US patriotism theme.
I might - looking for some reviews - movies snapshots etc.
First reviews are mainly very positive indeed about the MP (the SP is too short though).

About the MP:

….If you liked Bad Company 2 or Kaos's own Frontlines: Fuel Of War, you're going to love this. Dedicated servers have kept every trial we've tested steady as a rock, whilst the addition of drones and the ability to spawn into someone else's vehicle keep things fresh and varied.

The game's key multiplayer reward system, Battle Points, push you to seek out high-scoring objectives whilst thinking on your feet. For instance, you might have to spend a few minutes flying a recon drone around to bump up your BP enough to afford a devastating airstrike. Sticking to merely popping bullets in brainstems isn't necessarily the best route to becoming BP-rich - although Killstreaks will notch up your currency at a rate.

Continually adding to your BP stockpile is crucial if you want to afford helicopters, tanks and other monsters of mass destruction - and each sprawling Team Deathmatch map (of which there are a generous variety) almost always hosts a natural escalation into all-out vehicular warfare.

Throw in large scale Ground Control missions, a fierce Skirmish mode and an impromptu priority-based mission generator in the form of the Battle Creator, and Homefront's multiplayer really packs a punch. We'd go so far to say that this is the classiest, best value multiplayer shooter on the market, comfortably bettering both recent CoD monsters and edging ahead of Bad Company 2. It deserves a wide, fully engaged audience.

If you're looking for a military-style shooter that offers something genuinely different; one with a smart narrative pull in an evocative world that borrows from the very best, you'll struggle to go wrong with Homefront.

Full review:


EDIT: In the interest of balance, Edge magazine only gave the game 5/10 although I have not read the review yet.

EDIT 2: Other scores coming in:

9/10 Official PS Magazine
8.7/10 Planet Xbox360
9/10 Total Gaming Network
93/100 XBoxAddict
9/10 totally 360
85/100 MS XBox World
77/100 Gamefocus
7/10 IGN
I'm hoping the multiplayer on this will be good as I was very disappointed with the last COD game in this regard. Something with bonafide teamwork would be welcome.