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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 4 April 2008, 07:11

Tags: Tom Clancys HAWX, PC, Xbox 360, PS3, FPS

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Aerial combat using GRAW Cross-com

If you're name is Ubisoft, there's one sure fire way to create interest in your title.Simply stick Tom Clancy's name before it and watch the pennies role in.

This time around Ubisoft has created a brand new IP called Tom Clancy’s HAWX, an aerial combat game where you control elite pilots of the future.

The story begins in the year 2012. As the era of the nation-state draws quickly to a close, the rules of warfare evolve even more rapidly. More and more nations become increasingly dependent on private military companies (PMCs), elite mercenaries with a lax view of the law. The Reykjavik Accords further legitimize their existence by authorizing their right to serve in every aspect of military operations. While the benefits of such PMCs are apparent, growing concerns surrounding giving them too much power begin to mount.

The game will boast the following features:

• ENHANCED REALITY SYSTEM (E.R.S.) - E.R.S. is in-game technology that helps turn novice aviators into elite pilots of the future. The Enhanced Reality System is the backbone of the HAWX flight experience: radars and incoming missile detection, anti-crash system, damage control system, tactical map and information relay, and weapons trajectory control. E.R.S. also allows players to issue orders to their squadron, making this system as iconic to HAWX as the Cross-Com system is to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter!

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

• ASSISTANCE MODE – Players can ease into their flight missions and gain a level of comfort with the use of the assistance mode. Once employed, players can take full advantage of their technological support through the E.R.S and gain maximum piloting security. If the situation calls for the player to unleash the full potential of the aircraft, the assistance mode can be switched off and all safety features will be deactivated. This comes with increased risks, but allows the player advanced dogfighting maneuvers and stunning third-person views.

• REVOLUTIONARY MULTIPLAYER - For the first time ever in the air-combat genre, players will be able to experience the entire solo campaign in four-player JUMP IN co-op mode. In PVP mode, players can challenge up to 15 friends in intense dogfighting sessions and find out who's the top gun. Winning players are rewarded with experience points and money to unlock more weapons.

• REALISM AND AUTHENTICITY – Players have the opportunity to take the throttle of over 50 of the world’s famous aircrafts, as well as being able to dogfight over realistic modern landscapes that have endured years of post-war trauma. Tom Clancy’s HAWX is the first air combat game set in the world-renowned Tom Clancy’s video game universe. Cutting-edge technology, devastating firepower, and intense dogfights bestow this new title a deserving place in the prestigious Tom Clancy franchise. Soon, flying at Mach 3 becomes a right, not a privilege.

“Tom Clancy’s HAWX marks the next evolution of high altitude warfare in the Tom Clancy video game universe,” said John Parkes, EMEA Marketing Director at Ubisoft. “We are thrilled to take to the skies and provide a new environment along with an extension of a familiar storyline from our other successful Tom Clancy franchises such as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.”

The game will be launched in the Autumn 2008 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and on Windows-based PC. Anyone know what Tom Clancy looks like?

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I bet the X stands for extreme doesn't it, the shame :(
Anyone know what Tom Clancy looks like?

Got to say, those grabs look pretty darn cool. I caught a glimps of the trailer the other day and despite the fact it's got little to do with Tom Clancy (a Ubisoft owned brand now anyway after the guy sold his name - he's know called Rich Bloke instead) it does look pretty cool. It's about time we had a new flight/combat game on the PC too - just hope it's not too console oriented.
Gametrailers.com - Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. - Debut Trailer

looks awful :( really, really shoddy. i know its fmv and not goame, but its so badly done with no intensity to it, and numerous errors that make you wonder if they know what there talking about
2012 and they're still using F-16's. :|
Anyone tried the Demo in the 360 as yet? Grabbed it yesterday, it's not to bad but its far to easy. Played it on the hardest setting and it seems that the assisted and non-assisted modes are the wrong way round. In non assisted its far to easy and assisted is just an in plane view.