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QOTW: Which is your favourite gaming peripheral of all time?

by Parm Mann on 21 October 2016, 16:31

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A great peripheral plays a crucial role in delivering an enjoyable gaming experience, and we've had some real gems throughout the years. I still remember trying to curl free kicks using the Amiga Zipstick, taking aim with the SNES Super Scope, and of course the excitement of sitting down behind a force feedback wheel.

Fast forward to today and we have motion-tracking cameras, virtual-reality headsets, insanely precise mice, mechanical keyboards, and in the near future a new 'Joy-Con' controller with the intriguing Nintendo Switch.

Perhiperals are one area in gaming in which there is constant innovation, but some are clearly more successful than others. When you cast your mind back, which one peripheral stands out as your favourite of all time?

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It's a toss-up between my Quickshot 2000 joystick for Sensi Soccer, that stupid dongle thing you had to put in to play Robocop, or my MX518, which has lasted me about 9 years

Edit: it wasn't a Quickshot,it was a Competition Pro 2000. Like this:

The original NES lightgun that you needed for Duck Hunt, it amazed me as a child haha.
Logitech g29 wheel
Belkin N52TE

Microsoft sidewinder forcefeedback2 joystick. Still use it today. Occasionally I have to replace the odd faulty button micro switch and it still works like a dream.