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Top 5 Chillingo games for iPad

by Steven Williamson on 30 November 2011, 10:24

Tags: Chillingo, iPad

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Cows, UFOs and retro fun

Saving Moo

The concept behind this tower-defence strategy game is really basic, but the execution is superb and the storyline behind it is as wacky as the game’s crazy arsenal of weapons.

As a farmer with telekinetic powers, players can mind control the cattle in the field, strap weapons to them while they’re grazing and command them to shoot at the UFOS that persistently attack. As the cows eat grass, you gain “moo sacks” which can then be spent on a combination of more cows or weapons.

As players move through the 25 stages, the action gets more frenetic and, like any good tower defence game, winning requires careful thought on what to spend the resources on, and completing a stage relies on fast reactions and good timing.

Gameplay is simple to grasp as players spend most of the time tapping on the screen, so it can get a little repetitive and disorientating as things gets more hectic. However, weapons - ranging from egg cannons and marshmallow guns - keep the action entertaining, and gameplay provides a few laughs along the way and plenty of challenges to keep you busy cattle-prodding.

Rocket Riot

With its colourful art-design and basic block graphics, Rocket Riot looks like an old-school, twin-stick shooter, though it presents itself in a side-scrolling fashion rather than the traditional top-down perspective. Armed with a jet-pack and a rocket launcher, the action is fast and furious as you blast enemies and dismantle the environment in an effort to beat pirate Blockbeard.

The gameplay largely involves clearing levels of enemies, but there are objectives too, where players need to destroy ‘X’ amount of objects before they move on, and numerous boss battles to enjoy. The destructible environments make Rocket Riot stand out. Players can literally blast anything apart and use destruction tactically to attack enemies and create mayhem.

A variety of excellent offensive and defensive power-ups - from rainbow-coloured explosions to the ability to shrink and make yourself a tiny target for your pursuers - keeps the action fresh, while the variety of environments, which include a haunted house and a science lab, make it feel quite unique.

Rocket Riot is fast-paced, challenging, visually arresting and, most of all, jolly-good retro-inspired fun.

Super CrossFire HD

The neon-lit, visually-stunning and highly-addictive Super CrosFire HD is a fast-paced shooter that rarely lets up in pace.

Players control a spaceship with their fingertips, strafing left and right across the bottom of the screen, while attempting to take down the swarms of alien attackers hovering above. Colour busts across the screen as players fire away frantically at the invading hordes, while desperately trying to stay out of the way of enemy fire.

The ability to auto-fire is a great addition, affording players with the freedom to concentrate solely on movement and avoiding shots. Super CrossFire does have a major trick up its sleeve too – the ability to tap your ship and then immediately shift to the top of the screen, with a view over your attackers. This not only gives players a new perspective, but can be used to tactically take out opponents.

The alien waves follow increasingly complex behavioural patterns as player progress, while power-ups and the upgrade system allow you to pimp your craft and unleash colourful fury on the bad guys. Super CrossFire HD looks great on the larger screen of the iPad, while its gameplay feels beautifully retro, despite its tasty contemporary twist.

You can check out more of Chillingo’s games at the official site.

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Is it just me, or did they totally steal the idea for “saving moo” from Earthworm Jim 2??

Now THAT was an awesome game ;)