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Review: Siemens SL65, A Forgotten gem?

by David Ross on 7 August 2005, 00:00

Tags: Siemens

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Media Capabilities

There is disappointment when it comes to media on this phone. There's no MP3 support, so you are restricted to either WAV or MIDI files for ring tones, but there are 40 chords supported on polyphonic tones. The lack of BlueTooth mentioned earlier comes back to haunt you as well, the only two ways to transfer files is either through Infra Red or the old PC and Cable, a disappointment to say the least.

So you wouldn’t expect anything special in the games department after all that would you? Well surprisingly, the games are not bad. The usual JAVA developed games are supported and whether 3D rally or 3D golf takes your fancy, there is certainly a game capable of wasting away your next train journey.

On the other hand, the phone does feature a camera that has proved to be a capable shooter even with the limited 640 x 480 resolution. It may not be megapixel quality, but then again, the 5x digital zoom is an excellent added bonus.