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Review: Magnificent high-magnification macro close-ups? Try a Pringles' can

by Bob Crabtree on 13 December 2005, 13:42

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Compact cameras are great but you can't beat a removable-lens SLR for versatility...

Bung on a long, long lens for wonderful wildlife shots; substitute an ultra-wide for amazing architectural angles; or fit a can of Pringles crisps for magnificent high-magnification macro close-ups of miniscule objects or creatures.

No, really, that's not a joke. There's a walk-through of how to use a can of Pringles for macro work - more accurately, a Pringles' can - over at Photocritic.org, the self-styled 'Home of budget DIY photography projects'.

Pringle can macro lens tube

Other key elements in the project involved a Dremel tool (where would we be without our Dremels?), a torn-up old T-shirt, a black felt-tip pen, some left-over lens covers and, of course, a goodly amount of carefully applied glue.

Pringles man at work

Oh, and here's the proof of the pudding, as it were, a high-magnification crisp-can-caught close-up shot of the business end of a Bic ballpoint pen.

Bic pen closeup

Just in case you missed the links above, the walk throught is at: http://www.photocritic.org/2005/macro-photography-on-a-budget and the main site is http://www.photocritic.org. The project has its own commentary page and you can also let us know your thoughts over in the HEXUS.community.

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Inetersting article, am just about to start building a macro lens myself. The design I found for my Nikon D70 uses the bayonet and chip of a 50mm F1.8 AF D (or similar), you then attach an adapter plate using epoxy (apparently cokin filters rings work) this then allows a simple bellows to be attached you can put an enlarger lens on the other end or a reversed lens or a prime, anything really. It can also be used to attach older nikon lenses, M42 stuff or to make a teleconvertor (all maintaining metering). The ideal donour lens would have been dropped and have broken glass, just need to find a cheap donour now.
Sounds interesting :D

Makes me wonder why I just spent £150 on a “cheap” Macro lens! :o
Have a look here

He's certainly done good

deffo a far greater depth of field there

I have a Raynox Macro lense + old front lens piece cut off a dead casio digicam
plus another off a std film compact camera put together.

This is about as good as it gets close up….

Mypen macro