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Review: New life for NES game controller - as MP3 player housing

by Bob Crabtree on 29 November 2005, 01:50

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Over at futurenews.at, Martin Kersch tells how he's come up with a new use for NES games console handsets - turning them into housings and controllers for MP3 players!

Martin says he took apart a USB-stick MP3 player (an SHE MP-101 BD), bunged it inside an NES handset - having chopped the PCB to make room - and then wired up the handset buttons to the player's own button contacts. Holes were drilled in the handset's case to bring in the headphone lead and USB cable.

There's no picture on futurenews.at right now but you can see what Martin's been up to over at techeblog.

Cool. Or very silly. Depending on your point of view. Check out what Martin says and the comments he's received then let us know what you think over in the HEXUS.community.

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