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Review: Exclusive: Corsair HS1 USB surround sound gaming headset

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 September 2010, 16:56 4.5

Tags: Corsair HS1 USB headset, Corsair

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The magic of software

Corsair provides software support for Windows-based platforms only. However, the HS1 can be used as purely headphones on an Apple computer.

Throw on the software on Windows 7 and the headphones become a headset. Input modes range from traditional two-speaker setups through to eight channels (7.1). Clicking on the Dolby Pro Logic IIx on a stereo source - most MP3s, for example - and the magic actually does a decent job of convincing your brain that you're listening to up-to eight surround channels. Expanding on this, Dolby's Headphone technology uses what is termed HRTF (Head-Related Transfer Function) to provide accurate multi-channel audio positioning in gaming and videos.        

Adding further spice to the sound, the effect tab provides granular control over the equalizer settings and, as a bit of fun, a total of 23 environment settings. But quite why you would want music to sound like a sewer pipe - some current stuff smells like it, though - ed. - is beyond us.

For a bit more fun, the karaoke/voice effects tab provides four crude effects - monster, cartoon, male and female - that can be used to mask your own voice in games or when running sound applications.

Delve deeper into the settings and there's a near-unlimited number of options to choose from, so much so that we simply went back to the generic settings after a few hours of playing around. Still, it's free and will benefit those who have a propensity to fine-tune their levels and sound quality.