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Google teases a "something new to love" event on 4th October

by Mark Tyson on 20 September 2016, 11:01

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), HTC (TPE:2498)

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Google has confirmed what is expected to be hardware launch event in San Francisco, on 4th October. The firm has published a 30s teaser video and a uploaded new microsite https://madeby.google.com/ which feature the same message/animation.

Earlier this month smartphone leaker and tipster Evan Blass asserted that Google was preparing a Huawei-built 7-inch 'Pixel' tablet for launch. Other headlining new hardware offerings may well be a pair of 'Pixel' branded phones made by HTC, a 4K Chromecast streamer, a Daydram View VR headset, and the Google Home household voice assistant (like an Amazon Echo).

The above video simply and smartly hints at a number of devices. It begins with the basic, minimal Google Search box with blinking caret. The corners of the box round off while the shape transforms into a typical tablet, and then a typical smartphone outline. That's all we get, except for the video description claiming we will get "Something new to love on Oct. 4".

On the dedicated 'madeby' microsite Google has created a similar animation but ends it with a slideshow constrained by the smartphone-shaped rounded rectangle. It might be too literal to extrapolate from this imagery to get to a fully bezel-less smartphone but that is what it appears to show. However, 'leaked' images suggest the new Pixel range will comprise of a pair of very standard looking rounded-rectangle smartphones, as below.

The 4th October is exactly a fortnight from today.

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I was thinking that I hope they'll be announcing the 4k chromecast as well, but I'm not sure I'll need it…
When i first read the title i though it was going to be privacy, that's a new thing for Google right? :D ;)
The last picture is two iPhones… Took the term “Think different” too literally.

Congrats, the pixel phone now looks like a random Chinese iPhone knock off…
This is one of those situations where I hope the rumors are not true, but they probably are :(

I like my Huawei P9; it's a great phone and was a bargain at £300..but I would really like to go back to a Nexus type phone at some point. The last 2 were pretty poor imo (5X/6P) with the former being under powered and very “last generation”, and the 6P being too big whilst also too expensive.

I was really hoping we'd get back to a Nexus 4 or 5 level of quality and specs & style - even if we had to pay for it. Especially given the branding change to “pixel” which represents the top end chromebooks. Something special like a boarder less phone or something..but if we just get something like the leaked images then it's all very “meh”. My P9 is already a great iPhone clone (even down to the screws and amount of glue thats been used), don't need another!

HTC have done a great job with the Desire 10 though (from a design standpoint - the phone itself is woefully underpowered) so I do hold out some hope that the leaks are just early prototypes and something special is really on the way…
Hoping these will be good. Loved my Nexus 5 - I'd still have it if I hadn't cracked the screen and then had issues with the replacement… Needs to be better than the 5X as that was disappointingly expensive for what it was. I just hope pixel doesn't equal expensive otherwise I'll have to stay away.