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£159 broadband computer bundle aims to get everyone online

by Parm Mann on 22 May 2012, 09:39

Tags: Go ON UK, TalkTalk

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Go ON UK, a cross-sector partnership designed to bring the Internet to "every individual and every organisation in every community across the UK," has launched a new scheme offering millions of consumers the chance to purchase cut-price web-connected PCs.

The scheme, dubbed Get Online @ Home, is backed by Microsoft and TalkTalk and offers UK consumers the chance to pick up a "no nonsense" Windows 7 computer complete with TalkTalk broadband for as little as £159, with further discounts available to customers receiving benefits.

Get Online @ Home has been offering affordable computers for some time, but the organisation hopes that the addition of a year's broadband will encourage a greater number of Britons to take their first steps in getting online.

At the heart of the scheme, a discounted £159 bundle offers a refurbished Windows 7 desktop PC with a 15in monitor and keyboard and mouse, along with a 12-month TalkTalk broadband package that provides a monthly usage allowance of 40GB and a phone line with free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines. A £50 welcome credit is included to cover any TalkTalk setup costs, but line rental remains chargeable at £14.50 per month.

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Sounds like a good thing in theory, but that £14.50 “line rental” strikes me as a little on the high side, and it'd be interesting to see what the ongoing cost of the broadband package would be. Otherwise, it's impossible to tell what the total cost/month is.

Other point, of course, being that choosing Talk Talk as provider seems a little strange given that they're regularly (?) hauled over the coals for having poor customer service - and I would have thought that the kind of “net n00b” that this is aimed at would need a lot of hand holding.
Just had a look at the page, you dont have to take the broadband package to get that pricing. Quite a good deal for families in all fairness, basic refurb desktop which is ideal for the kids just wanting to surf the net and do homework.
£14.50 “line rental” strikes me as a little on the high side

That's just standard TalkTalk line rental at £14.50 per month.
BT line rental is £14.60 per month for comparison.
Scarlet Infidel;2458105
That's just standard TalkTalk line rental at £14.50 per month.
BT line rental is £14.60 per month for comparison.
£13.90 with Virgin - and I was under the impression (obviously wrong) that they were quite costly.
It's Ironic & it tickles me as you have to be “Online” with a “Computer/Laptop” to view the site !…LOL…

Good idea over all, I know a few people that this would benefit !