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Enigma cipher machine on sale NOW on ebay

by Bob Crabtree on 3 April 2006, 17:52

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Enigma machine
Enigimatically on sale on ebay

ebay has been used to sell some remarkable items but, amazingly, there's a live auction right now for a German WWII Enigma cipher machine. With under three hours left to go, bidding stands at  EUR 40,150. That's about about £28,000 or a little over US$48,500.

Here's how the machine is described by its seller:

3-Rotors German ENIGMA Cipher Machine

Fine example of a WW II Enigma cipher machine in a very good condition and a great history; full functional. Year of construction 1941 by Manufacturer Chiffriermaschinen Gesellschaft Heimsoeth and Rinke, Berlin. The Enigma machine is placed in an oak woodwork case. Three high-quality, all-metal, matched rotors and an Umkehrwalze “B”. The rotors are continuous numbered; serial numbers has been removed. There are two spare rotors in an additional small wooden box. Plug board is lettered QWERTZU…, wheels numbered 1-26. 100% Original!!! No Copy!!

What's so amazing - to us at any rate - is that something with such great historical interest would be sold on ebay and not, seemingly, be subject to any restrictions that would ensure it ends up with a museum or somewhere else where the public would be guaranteed access.

But, since the machine is being auctioned, you may wish to place a bid  - noting that the seller says, 'Placing a bid is binding! So called "Funbidders" will be reported to our lawyer!'

Comment, if you fancy, over in the HEXUS.community (no coded messages, please!).


The machine was sold - for 55,050 Euros. That's about £34,500.

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What would i do with it? Well I'd crack it with my Collosus I bought from ebay last week.
I'd love to have one of these… wish I had the cash! :)

I have to say if it is real and had NO work done on it the price seems fair - after a little Googling the price on this sort of thing is about 20,000$ if it has had work done on it
“Condition: Used”

saw this in a paper the other day…currnely about 2 mins to go - I wonder if there's going to be any last minute sniping…?
gone… 55050 euros…£34,444 in REAL money