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Yahoo! Go: Beyond the browser

by Steve Kerrison on 7 January 2006, 12:26

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2006 International CES

Yahoo! yesterday announced its latest scheme to spread its services across more than just the browser. Yahoo! Go is available for the Desktop, Mobile and TV, allowing information to be accessed and shared across all of them.


Yahoo! Go Desktop allows users to keep their contacts, e-mails, photos etc all up to date from their desktop. However, instead of being browser based, users will access information that suits them through widgets and a desktop dashboard.

The Mobile part of Yahoo! Go provides access to the same contacts, e-mails and photos that the user has access to on their desktop. In fact, all of this information is stored in an online account, which can be updated or added to from the user's mobile. The benefit of such a system, Yahoo! say, is that if the phone gets lost, stolen, or becomes inoperable, that all the information can be synched to a new phone through the Go Mobile service.

Finally, there's Go TV, providing access to things like movie listings, pictures and music. The TV has to be PC connected, however. The TV service is, of course, geared up to make it easy to view and navigate content on a standard televisoin.

We're not entirely sure whether this is going to take off or not. Yahoo! is clearly intent on getting itself into the digital home, but are the services Yahoo! Go is providing what people want? We'd like to hear what you think.


HEXUS.pr :: Yahoo!'s press release
Yahoo! :: go.yahoo.com.

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