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Apple stores take to the seas with Celebrity Cruises

by Parm Mann on 19 February 2010, 12:07

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Celebrity Cruises has announced that it will extend Apple's retail presence to the seas with the introduction of an iLounge on its upcoming ship, Celebrity Eclipse.

Scheduled to set sail from Southampton in April, Celebrity Eclipse - the company's third from the Solstice Class fleet - will feature a "Celebrity iLounge" described as a "hip, modern" Internet cafe.

Featuring 26 MacBook Pros, the iLounge will allow guests the ability to surf the web, check email and print boarding passes whilst out at sea. Replicating the Apple Store experience, the iLounge - an authorised Apple reseller - will also feature staff that offer tips on Mac or iPod usage, and a retail space through which holiday-goers can see and purchase the latest Apple products.

Although Apple's genius bar won't be a component of the iLounge, Celebrity has announced that it will host a series of courses designed to teach guests how to use popular Mac software suites such as iLife, with a 56in TV delivering guides on creating photo books, websites and edited movies. Celebrity's certified staff "will be poised to illustrate to guests the differences between Macs and PCs," said the company in a statement.

Celebrity Cruises already has a long-running relationship with Apple, and currently uses Mac systems to power the in-room entertainment systems found in many of its staterooms.

The iLounge will be located on the sixth deck of Celebrity Eclipse. The ship is currently being completed at Papenburg, Germany, and is expected to house close to 3,000 passengers on its maiden voyage on April 29th. The Celebrity iLounge will also feature on future Celebrity ships, including the Celebrity Silhouette in 2011 and a fifth Solstice Class ship in 2012.

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Something that I can't imagine the desire to ever do (a cruise), just got worse.
I don't know, there are some cruises I would love to go on. Up into the Arctic Circle for instance.
That looks to be a cracking ship! Never fails to amaze me the engineering that goes into something like that. 3,000 passengers, buffet food & drinks & usual hotel facilities that lasts a couple of weeks at sea…

That being said, Grandparents got back from a cruise a few weeks ago and totally hated it…too many old people they said! :p
and print boarding passes whilst out at sea

Is it not a bit late to do that if they are already at sea… ?
Is it not a bit late to do that if they are already at sea… ?

Well if you're a stowaway who gets caught, which of the two options would you prefer? :P