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Thorpe Park announces SAW - The Ride

by Parm Mann on 14 October 2008, 12:12

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It isn't easy to build a new roller coaster without being noticed, and Thorpe Park's 2009 thrill ride has been subject to speculation for the past few months.

The ride, known previously by codename "Project Dylan", has today been unveiled as "SAW - The Ride" and promises to open in Spring 2009.

It'll be based on the horror-movie franchise and promises to be the "scariest ride in the world", courtesy of a beyond-vertical drop of 100┬║ from a height of 100 feet. That, says Thorpe Park, is the steepest free-fall drop in the world and adding to the terror will be a theme based around an old sawmill.

If you're thinking it's just a bigger version of Alton Towers' Nemesis, don't be fooled, SAW - The Ride also has three inversions including a Zero-G Roll, an Immelmann Loop, a Dive Loop, as well as a supposedly-terrifying indoor section.

The ride is manufactured by Germany's Gerstlauer and British designer John Wardley is involved in development. It's placed next to Colossus and Samurai, but many have already voiced concerns over the ride's theme by questioning whether or not a violent horror-themed ride is suited to a family theme park. It's likely to come under criticism when it opens, but we're looking forward to riding this one.

Official ride website:

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looks good. Never seen the saw films but should be a big hit for them.
I'm a big fan of the films, and I really like Oblivion at Alton Towers so I'll be making sure I visit next year to go on the vastly improved Thorpe Park version, actually does more then just a big drop :)
I love theme parks but I've actually never been to Thorpe Park! Alton Towers is a lot closer and it's usually an annual destination.

In my personal opinion, though, Alton Towers doesn't seem to be as good as it once was. Despite the addition of RITA - which is ace - the general feel of the entire park appears to be going downhill. I always find it dirtier, and there's now always people smoking in queues or broken-down rides. Just isn't how I remember it.

Thorpe Park on the other hand seems to be getting better and better, particularly in terms of rides. May have to make a visit next year! :)