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Compensation granted for US gamers offended by Hot Coffee mod

by Steven Williamson on 29 January 2008, 11:19

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Take Two splash the cash

The compensation figures for gamers who can provide proof that they purchased the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas First Edition have now been confirmed.

The class action against the game was originally raised in 2005 after gamers accessed the 'Hot Coffee' mini game, a PC mod that portrayed sexual intercourse.

The GTA settlement website lists various amounts of cash that will be offered to any gamer who was offended by the mini-game. The maximum amount being paid out will be $35 and will be given to consumers who can provide a detailed store receipt cash payment.

Take Two Interactive reached a settlement for the dispute back in November where they agreed to pay offended customers up to $1 million in compensation.

For full details of the compensation, check out GTA Settlement.com

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