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Cecchini brings Rome to standstill with colourful protest

by Parm Mann on 17 January 2008, 15:38

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Graziano Cecchini in another unusual method of protest

There are plenty of protesters out there, but few manage to have the impact of one Graziano Cecchini, a man who last year turned Rome's Trevi Fountain bright red by pouring dye into the famous monument.

Yesterday, Cecchini left his mark once again in a protest at Rome's Spanish Steps. What may have been mistaken for a Sony Bravia advertisement in the making was indeed the work of Mr Cecchini, who poured half a million brightly coloured rubber balls down the steps. You can see the protest for yourself, and the astonishment of passers by, in this YouTube video:

Mr Cecchini later stated that the protest was staged to raise the profile of Burma and the Karen people. Arranging the protest had cost him some £15,000 and a handsome fine we're sure.

Jean Leonard Touadi, Rome's head of security wasn't amused. He stated that getting publicity at the expense of the city just wasn't funny, a feeling that the large number of police officers required to clean up the mess probably shared. Still, it sure does look spectacular. One can only wonder what Mr Cecchini has in store for us next.

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