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Iqua get Smart with Badges

by Nick Haywood on 9 March 2006, 20:32

Tags: Iqua

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Bluetooth connectivity with 40 hours of talk time


Iqua have some innovative ideas when it comes to Bluetooth technology, the Smart Badge being one that would very likely come in handy to large companies that require their employees to be Bluetooth with their mobile and carry an ID badge.

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The Smart Badge has an enormous talk time of up to 40 hours with a 21 day standby time, which means you’ll be charging your phone before you have to re-charge the Smart Badge. The lanyard includes a natty earpiece and microphone that clps together magnetically to be tidied out of the way when not in use.

Click for larger image

The Smart Badge is available now.



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Wonder what attracted you to that stand :)
Hehe, for the sake of my marriage I hope that Bob pops in here to back up my claim that he had booked a meeting for me there… cos he had.
Ah, the old “My mate fancies you” approach :p
Nice.. The badge isn't bad either :)