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Virgin Media to offer free mobile calls to landline customers

by Parm Mann on 1 February 2010, 11:18

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Virgin Media has today announced that it will become the UK's first fixed-line phone provider to offer free landline to mobile calls.

Starting April 1st, the communications giant will allow some four million customers to make free calls to Virgin Mobile phones.

Described as a "groundbreaking offer to save families hundreds each year on mobile calls", Virgin Media's free mobile call packages will be available to both new and existing customers. With over £1.6 billion spent on mobile calls in the UK each year, Virgin Media is likely to lure new customers hoping to make savings on their fixed-line bills.

Virgin's offer will run in tandem with its unlimited call packages, with consumers set to receive free calls to Virgin Mobiles in addition to free calls to UK landlines.

As with its landline calls, calls made to Virgin Mobiles will be free for the first 60 minutes, and consumers will then need to redial in order to avoid any charges. Virgin Mobiles roaming overseas, meanwhile, will continue to be subject to roaming charges - although landline charges will be waived.

With its current talk plan structure, Virgin Media will offer its free landline and mobile calls at a monthly cost of £11.99 for weekends only, £15.44 for evening and weekends and £19.94 for unlimited. The company's tariffs are broken down as follows:

Phone Package

Size M

Size L

Size XL

Line Rental




Talk plan cost

Included with your broadband and/or TV package



Talk plan details

Talk Weekends

Talk Evening & Weekends

Talk Unlimited

Total cost




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