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Allerta announces inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry

by Parm Mann on 27 October 2009, 14:58

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The likes of LG and Samsung have already propelled watchphones into the limelight, but if you've been waiting for a watch-like device with BlackBerry functionality, the wait is nearly over.

Allerta, an Ontario, Canada-based manufacturer, has officially unveiled its inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry, and expects the device to ship in February 2010.

Don't get your hopes up just yet, though, as this isn't a fully-fledged BlackBerry. Instead, it's an accessory designed to connect to your BlackBerry via BlueTooth and alert you of incoming email, SMS and calls.

The unit's 1.3in full-colour OLED display will allow you to read messages, but not respond, and though it'll show you who's calling, it won't actually let you answer - you'll still need to revert to the BlackBerry itself for that.

There is built-in vibration that should help prevent missing important calls, but the combination of a built-in vibrating motor and built-in Bluetooth is likely to be a drain on battery life. Allerta reckons this particular smartwatch will need to refuel at least once every four days.

Just a gimmick or a truly useful BlackBerry accessory? We'll let you decide, and if you think it's the latter, inPulse is available to pre-order now at a cost of $149. It's U.S. and Canada only for the time being, though.

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how exactly is this useful to anyone? just keep your phone in your pocket…
Just a gimmick. What it needs, IMO is the ability to synch with your Blackberry (or whatever smartphone, ideally) on a one-off basis. It should then be independent of the Blackberry (so you could leave your Blackberry at home, for example, if you're short on pockets) and have basic functions including the ability to make and receive calls via inbuilt microphone - and presumably earpiece to plug in when required. The ability to read/write texts would also be a very good thing, but I think there's probably less call to be reading/responding to emails etc with one of these things.
It also needs airport mode, for times when it would interfere with important equipment, just to turn off everything apart from the watch - that would also increase battery life, of course. Vibration alert is all that's needed in terms of ringtone, but should be discreet.
With regards to battery life, integrating the technology they use for watches (kinetic?) would be a winner if feasible for the greater battery drain - the motion of your wrist keeps the watch charged.

If they can somehow make that happen for <Ā£150, I think they'd have a winner.