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Virgin Media launches mobile broadband service

by Parm Mann on 1 October 2008, 10:04

Tags: Virgin (NASDAQ:VMED)

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Virgin Media has today joined the likes of 3, T-Mobile and Vodafone with the launch of its first mobile broadband service.

The service, available to order from Virgin Media's online shop, is currently available in a single £15-per-month package. It'll provide a UK monthly bandwidth allowance of 3GB - which will allow you to surf the web for 100 hours, says Virgin - and each additional GB is charged at an extra £15.

As with most rival services, Virgin's offering requires users to sign-up to an 18-month contract. It consequently demands no start-up fee and the required USB dongle is provided free of charge.

It isn't all that different to what's already on offer from the likes of Vodafone, but Virgin is making its mobile broadband service more interesting as part of a bundle option. Customers who take out Virgin Media's XL Fibre Optic Broadband service and its mobile broadband service can enjoy the first three months of mobile broadband free of charge.

Neil Berkett, Virgin Media CEO, said:

The launch of our Mobile Broadband product means UK consumers can now get all of their broadband needs from the UK's leading broadband expert," said Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett. We're perfectly placed to offer advice on the best broadband packages available, across a range of gadgets and speeds.

Virgin Media already provides the fastest broadband in the UK over our fibre optic network and now customers can enjoy our broadband both at home and when on the move.

Official product page:

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looking at the networks and broadband forum it seems as if they struggle to provide a decent standard baroadband package, never mind a mobile one!
Two different beasties - well, actually more than two; Virgin's ADSL service is, by all accounts, toss. That said, I'm on their cable service, which touch wood has been fine. Neither of these, of course, have anything to do with their business as an MVNO. Seems to me that the key issue will be whose network they're reselling. I believe they still effectively resell T-Mobile's network for voice, so I assume they'll be following the same line with HSDPA/HSUPA/3G. If so, coverage should be OK, as should quality.
£15 for 3gb then £15 for an additional 1gb if you go over. Ruddy hell that is an expensive mistake if you download a little bit too much one month.
Does it matter who is reselling? Anything to do with VM ends up as cheap tat for high price (it looks like good value at first, but it never is)