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O2 bundles home and mobile broadband

by Parm Mann on 31 July 2008, 12:49

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There's a growing desire among broadband consumers to have their connection with them on the go, and O2 hopes to satisfy that need with its "Home and Away" bundle.

The package, announced today, will offer O2 customers a landline connection offering speeds of up to 8MB, and a free USB dongle that'll provide mobile broadband on the go. All this at the surprisingly reasonable price of £20 per month.

As expected, the service isn't without its limits. Though the landline connection is marketed as "unlimited", it is subject to a fair-usage policy. The mobile broadband connection is limited to a 3GB monthly allowance, though, that should be ample for most users' mobile needs.

The package includes a free Wi-Fi router and is subject to a 12-month minimum contract.

Sally Cowdry, marketing director of O2 UK, said:

"Whether our customers are watching a video or playing a game online at home, or browsing the Internet on their laptop while on the move, our combined broadband package is the perfect combination to help them stay connected wherever they are."

Mobile broadband is proving to be increasingly popular, and O2's Home and Away package appears to be one of the best-value services available. O2 states that the bundle will be available to new and existing customers as of August 1st '08.

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Its a shame that O2 have admitted that their 3G mobile broadband does not work correctly due to a software bug that is yet to be patched.
I wonder if they will subsidise if you're an 02 mobile user like they do with the standard tariffs?