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Videos from Qualcomm Uplinq 2012 show the future of Smart TV

by Mark Tyson on 27 June 2012, 21:16

Tags: Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM)

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The Uplinq 2012 event is currently being held in San Diego. You might have noticed because our very own editor has been there uploading tasty tech information morsels for HEXUS readers since last night. However from the comfort of a deck chair here in old Blightly I also have some tasty news tidbits from the conference courtesy of Qualcomm’s YouTube channel.

The future of Smart TVs – Snapdragon S4 Prime (time)

Qualcomm have put together a video of a new Smart TV system that utilises the Snapdragon S4 Prime processor. The latest Smart TVs on the market may seem pretty swish but watching this video shows something that is more than a step ahead. Qualcomm say “Snapdragon processors will help redefine what the smart TV experience is, transforming the TV into an entertainment hub and revolutionizing the connected home in much the same way they revolutionized the smartphone experience.” As well as the usual Smart TV accoutrements of internet connectivity, social apps and media streaming the demonstration shows some gaming ability and a smart interface using facial recognition and gestures.

Here are the feature highlights of these “redefined” Smart TVs;

  • Console quality gaming
  • Concurrency of apps
  • Miracast wireless technology allowing smartphone and tablet screens to partake in multi-screen interactivity
  • Personalisation and facial recognition
  • Gestures
  • HD picture quality
  • HD video calling

I particularly liked how the TV recognised the viewer when they sat in front of the TV and automatically displayed that user’s favourite apps, channels, shows and recent activities. I’m not sure what would happen if you went to the TV room with a group of people though, that wasn’t shown in the video. The gaming demonstration was short but showed Kinect-like control of an on screen game character. It’s hard to say what generation of consoles the “console quality” claim achieves parity with. Sorry we have no prices or availability data.

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Consoles work as well as they do because of a common platform; unless all TVs standardised on one or two platforms, it wouldn't be terribly efficient.
Consoles work as well as they do because of a common platform; unless all TVs standardised on one or two platforms, it wouldn't be terribly efficient.
What if they used all types of different hardware with a standardised software that supports them all?

LG and Philips have set up the Smart TV Alliance to do just that and for me that works better than 2 or 3 different pieces of hardware all using different software.
For you maybe, but not for developers/programmers. Different platforms means more cost/time/effort in the development stage if they hope to optimise for the platform, and if they're hoping for decent quality games it could be a problem.