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Toshiba demonstrates production 55 inch 4K glasses-free 3DTV

by Alistair Lowe on 9 January 2012, 11:00

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Quietly rearing its head at this year's CES, Toshiba is demonstrating the latest incarnation of its production 55 inch 4K glasses-free 3DTV.

Toshiba 4K glasses-free 3DTV

The device is capable of QuadHD (3,840 x 2,160) 2D playback and utilises local dimming LED back-lit technology. However, the situation alters somewhat when viewing the device in 3D, the resolution drops to a meagre 720p, however this is where the magic comes into play, the device is fully auto-stereoscopic, featuring a hidden-camera at the panel's base, the TV tracks up to nine, optimally four or less, viewers, dedicating a portion of the QuadHD pixel array to each one, resulting in a high quality, glasses-free 3D experience.

Already available in Germany and Japan, the TV is set to hit the US in Q1 2012, we're yet unsure as to a UK release, however in the US the device will likely retail for around a gigantic $10,000.

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Cool. Let's be honest, 720p is probably sufficient for when you want to delve into the world of 3D..
interesting, nice work tosh :).

With quadHD im not sure if its a good idea…. on the basis that we will be back to square one with improving onboard chips to cope with the higher res so ghosting/lag is back into play, will be interesting to see if the manufactures have improved in that respect :D
A step in the right direction, give it a few years…. :)
The quadHD just sounds like a bi-product of the 3D functionality. Still very cool and I might bother to have my first 3D experience with something like this.