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70,000 homes sign up for Sky 3D

by Sarah Griffiths on 27 January 2011, 12:04

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Sky has confirmed that over 70,000 people have signed up for its 3D package, perhaps proving that the three dimensional technology is finally taking off in living rooms.

Sky launched its 3D offering in October, including Europe's first 3D channel, three dimensional sports coverage and a handful of 3D films.

"3D has got off to a great start with around 70,000 customers having signed up to the service in the first few months. We are very happy with the progress of 3D to date and are really encouraged by the feedback we are getting from customers," said Sky's chief exec, Jeremy Darroch.

A recent report by PwC describing the 3D market as ‘extremely profitable' predicted that 3D TVs will become more common, especially in the lead-up to big sporting events like the 2012 Olympic games.

Phil Stokes, head of media and entertainment at PwC said: "The market for 3D televisions is less developed than that of the film industry and the affordability of TV sets is a major factor impacting the growth of the sector. However, prices are beginning to fall and that, together with the availability of attractive 3D content, is helping to grow the market."

Another recent report by In-Stat predicted that 1 in 5 TVs bought in 2013 will be 3D- compatible.

John Cassy, Sky 3D's channel director, said that around half of all 3D TVs sold in the UK are connected to Sky 3D and thousands of people are apparently joining every week.

"The hugely positive response from customers, all of whom are tuning into Sky 3D on a weekly basis, gives us great confidence for the future," he added. 

So far, Sky 3D has shown TV premieres of Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and the Toy Story trilogy and will shortly broadcast its 100th live sports game in 3D.

"We are also continuing to increase the breadth of our 3D programming, including performances by Diversity, natural history documentaries from Sir David Attenborough, and another world first, an upcoming broadcast of ENO's new production of Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia," said Cassy.

Virgin Media had pipped Sky to the launch of a 3D service but has not disclosed any subscription figures yet, although it seems the 3D space is now the new battle ground for the 2 rivals.

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I'm rather more amazed that houses now appear to be sentient and making purchasing decisions on behalf of the people living there..! :p
Lol - pedant!

Don't you get 3D free with a HD subscription anyway? i.e many of these subscriptions may well be people without a 3D TV just wanting everything for free that they can get? …or am I making stuff up again?
I find this surprising. My work colleagues where all very early adopters of HDTV but not one of them has got a 3d TV (or has any plans too). I can't help but feel some people are just getting this setups to say look what i've got rather than any long term plans to use the technology. To me the technology still doesn't seem ready as you still need glasses!
Lol - pedant!

Don't you get 3D free with a HD subscription anyway? i.e many of these subscriptions may well be people without a 3D TV just wanting everything for free that they can get? …or am I making stuff up again?

You get it if you subscribe to “Sky World” (so thats everything - including movies + sports) I think, but not sure if you can subscribe separately..so yes these subscriber numbers are probably enhanced by that and not people actually watching 3D. There is so little 3D content out there anyway, and most of it is sports or animation iirc from when I have browsed the listings.

The thing with 3D is that unlike HD, I suspect people are convinced that the need for glasses will vanish..I'm one of them..so many won't buy until then.

I must admit though that if I had the money i'd upgrade to a 3D set - the lure for me would be gaming..COD or GT5 in 3d ;)
So given that they were braging this morning about 10million, this less than 1% signup rate is actually quite impressive.

I say that because I know lots of geeks, plenty of whom are well healed, and not one wants 3d.